Create Countertop Displays with Fishbowl Containers

Countertop displays of add-on merchandise like candy, convenience items,Create Countertop Displays with Fishbowl Containers Articles and travel-sized hygiene products are essential for any store with a countertop. And, if your business has a countertop, you have a need for fishbowl container displays!

If you operate any of the following kinds of businesses, consider learning more about using fishbowl containers to create a countertop display:

A convenience store or gas station.
A small local grocery store or a large national chain super center.
A bakery, yogurt shop, or ice cream parlor.
A toy store.
A bookstore.
A hobby shop.

Fishbowl Containers Offer Versatility

Like traditional round or square display containers, fishbowls offer a great amount of versatility.

Fishbowl containers:

Are available in glass or plastic form, which means you can choose the best material for your store’s environment. Plastic fishbowls are more durable and therefore ideal for fast-paced stores with a lot of traffic, while glass fishbowls are a bit more elegant and offer extra visual appeal for more upscale businesses.
Come in a variety of sizes, so you can select the perfect fishbowl for the kind of merchandise you want to display as well as the amount of countertop space you have to work with.
Are ideal as stand-alone display tools or for paring with other display tools like wire display racks designed for countertop displays. Choose small containers to create a candy display on modest countertop space, large fishbowls for bigger merchandise items on ample countertop space, or make the most of your countertop space by stacking several fishbowls on a wire display rack or two.

Imagine Candy Displays Using Fishbowl Containers

Fishbowl containers are the perfect display tools for a wide variety of candies. You can use fishbowls to organize and display:

Suckers and lollipops.
Individual pieces of bubblegum or small packs of chewing gum.
Small pieces of traditional kinds of hard candies in flavors like butterscotch, peppermint, strawberry, grape, lemon, or cherry.
Fun candies like Jawbreakers, Tootsie Rolls, Jolly Ranchers, Laffy Taffy, Smarties.

Keep in mind that most fishbowls don’t come with lids, so it’s best to choose candies for your countertop fishbowl display that are countertop installation complete with protective wrappers, such as wrapped candies purchased in bulk at wholesale prices.

Showcase Other Add-On Items with Fishbowl Containers

Unless you operate a candy store, chances are high that your business sells more than just candy or other small edible items. Good news – you can use fishbowl containers to display virtually any kind of merchandise small enough to fit inside them!

Depending on the kind of store you manage, consider these ideas:

Use your fishbowls to display souvenir items such as small figurines bearing your state’s name or related logo for travelers or sentimental residents.
Fill these containers with convenience items in high demand like matchbooks, lighters, eyeglass repair kits, all-in-one pocket tools, or travel-sized sewing kits.
Display travel-sized hygiene products like small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, lotion, and deodorant.